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​Vivek Umrao Glendenning

  • Group Chief Editor, CEO and Founder
    Ground Report India Group of Journals

​The Founding Coordinator
​​Local Governance & Decentralized Economy Social Group, LGDESG
Joint-Convener & Co-Founder

​World Peace Ambassador
​IAEWP (ECOSOC United Nations)

Regional Vice Chairperson
​Oceania, Diplomatic Commission, IAEWP (ECOSOC United Nations).

My Life-Universities

​I did a graduation in mechanical engineering and a research ​on decentralised energy systems after the graduation. I was born in a village in India. My parents and ancestors are Indian origins. My mother is a granddaughter of a landlord. My father is a son of one of the wealthiest persons in the area, inherited millions of dollars properties from his father as houses in different cities/towns, fertile agricultural lands and other.

​My both parents are postgraduates and law graduates. My mother is known as a perfect mother, a very progressive and thoughtful woman. My father spent most of the time of his life in hundreds of villages working for poor people against exploitation. He led and participated in many local level movements. He was the first person in the region, who broke the conditioning of castes and started to eat food in the houses of financially weak untouchable castes people. He participated in the movement against the emergency in India, he was around twenty years old, and I was a toddler, he was thrown into the jail for more than twelve months.

​When​ I was about twenty-six years old, my parents had dismissed me from the ancestral property inheritance because of my social activities and the influences of my siblings and relatives.

​My Books

​Published Books
​Books are being written
  • ​मानसिक, सामाजिक, आर्थिक स्वराज्य की ओर (Towards Spiritual, Social and Economic SWARAJ) - (Hindi) 2015, reprinted 2016
  • ​Proposal for decentralised national-budget for India (English/Hindi) 2006
  • ​Handbook for Local-Governance and Decentralised-Economy (English/Hindi) 2006
  • ​Proposal for a reformation of Indian bureaucracy (English/Hindi) 2007
  • Conflict resolution in Bastar, Chhattisgarh
  • Parenting Vs Peace & Sustainable Society
  • PANCHAYATI RAAJ:: the only way to democracy in India
  • Smart Villages vs Smart Cities in India
  • Child Education in India
  • Towards Sustainable Society
  • Feminism in the First World and Third World
  • Community Water-Resolutions for India
  • Water-Mother for millions of people
  • Ground Works/Efforts with Masses

    ​Founding of Institutions

  • Ground Report India Group, Australia
  • ​Gokul Social University (Bihar State)
  • Hospital, Medical College and Education Institutes (Bihar State)
  • ​Institutions for Indigenous Communities (Chhattisgarh State)
  • ​Tarun Jal-Vidyapeeth (Rajasthan State)
  • ​Shiksha Gram (Maharashtra State)

  • ​Relief and Rehabilitation Works for the Masses
  • In a fire-damaged village; Construction of more than 700 cottages, and various self-employment programs for the rehabilitation of around 1000 families (Bihar state)
  • Bihar Flood in 2008
  • ​Khagaria Flood in 2007
  • ​Bhuj, Gujarat Earthquake in 2001
  • ​Dialogues with Masses

    — Mass Meetings (Large Scale)
  • ​2006
  • ​2007
  • 2008

  • — Foot Marches
  • ​2008
  • ​2007
  • 2004
  • 2002

  • — Dialogues with communities
  • ​​Bihar State
  • Chhattisgarh State
  • Rajasthan State
  • Jharkhand State
  • Other States